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Welcome to our CozumelAPPS site! This will be the place for you to get all the info
on Android APPS relating to Cozumel, Mexico. Just go to the Android Market on your
ANDROID device and search keyword "cozumel". Check back often to see what we
have added. Enjoy!

Lionfish Wars !!

For anyone who has been diving in Cozumel over the last year or so knows that we have a reef invader. That is the Lionfish.

This invader has created quite a bit of excitement. It is not native to here and is not a welcomed visitor.

Well now CozumelAPPS has created an APP Game based on this critter. You can go Lionfish hunting on your phone or tablet.

So if you have an Android Smartphone or Android Tablet, you can go to the Android Market and get this APP.

Here is the Market link.

(Screen Shot)
You can also find it on your phone in Android Market by searching the keyword "cozumel".

It is a fun game.
Not too difficult, but just enough to keep interesting.

Our CozumelPOI APP

This is for all those people who love the island of Cozumel, Mexico. You are happy when you are here and you are longing to return every minute you are not.

Well this should give you that "Cozumel Fix" any time you need it. With this app you can see some of Cozumel's main points of interest up close and personal.

You can choose from several POIs and zoom in to street level. It will feel like you are there.

To get this APP, just go to the Android Market on your cell phone or tablet and search for keyword "cozumel". Have Fun !!

Your Ideas

We have included many well known Points of Interest, but you may have another in mind that you would like us to include. If so, write to us and tell us what you would like to see. We will see what we can do for you.

We have several ideas of what we will do next. Check back and see what is new. And while you are here, why don't you [ Bookmark US. ] so you can get back here easily. Come back again and see what we have added. And we hope your next trip to Cozumel is a wonderful one !!

Hotels Search Tools

Want to get the best deal on your next Cozumel Hotel stay? Well this could be the thing that gets you your best price. Download our Cozumel Hotels Search Tool. This APP pools prices from dozens of sources to give you your best deals.

We also have Hotels Search Tools for Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. Check'em out. They are free and on the ANDROID Market under keyword "cozumel" , or "cancun hotels" , or "playa del carmen hotels".

Or you can download them directly from the following links:
Playa Del Carmen Hotels Search Tool
Cancun Hotels Search Tool
Cozumel Hotels Search Tool

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